Tuesday, February 24, 2015


A simple art tip from an artist: when acquiring art, make sure to select a piece that you truly love.

Avoid purchasing art that is solely meant to complement a space in your home. Art is meant to create emotion: either to make us think, offer peace, challenge us, or even create disturbing or lonely thoughts.  If you acquire art that gives you the emotion you are looking for, then art will serve its purpose and will be fulfilling and enriching.

Art should also have the capacity to stand on its own.  In other words, art can hang on a wall with nothing around it and be complete, just as it does in a gallery or museum setting...no sofa or table required.  If you purchase art because it looks attractive next to piece of furniture, then the impact of the artwork will be lessened or will likely be temporary.  If you move or buy new furniture, then you could be left with art that you don't really like.

So acquire art that you love. Then you can decide how it will fit into your home.  Have an art conversation first, then a design conversation next.

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