Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Documentary of the World


Photography is impactful because it allows us to freeze time forever. It’s a wonderful medium in that it allows us to see things that we normally might be too busy to see. It lets us play with light in order to manipulate a scene and create an even more beautiful image. I love photography because it often shows a perspective that even the most articulate orator cannot completely and thoroughly describe.

Most of all, by photographing the world, I have become more cognizant of my surroundings... insects, trees, flowers, people, animals, the air we breathe, the way we treat each other. Photography is a documentary of the world, and the wonderful gift it offers us is to stand back, observe our images, and then become more aware, compassionate, nurturing, and kind. Although these attributes are commonly a focal point during the holiday season, regardless of ones' religious practice or spiritual path, my hope is that these qualities become inherent in the every day.

So take lots of pictures, and view others’ photographic works. Use your iphone, DSLR, tablet, or an old-school film camera. Click, post, print, and look without judgment. Observe the world and see how you can have an impact.

With Love,