Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Being Present Through Art

I believe that one aspect of life that enriches us is the ability to feel deeply.  Strong emotions, whether feelings of peace, gratitude, inspiration, or even disturbing thoughts, give a fullness to life.

Art is considered to be one if not the most subjective aspects of life, and it creates a myriad of emotions.  Some art evokes consistent feelings, while others are dynamic and ever-changing.  In either case, art allows us to feel. 

For those who are not very in touch with their emotions, art can create emotional breakthroughs, often connecting us with our inner-most , intimate thoughts.  Being in touch with our emotions gives rise to increased self-awareness and thus the ability to be more present.

"Each of us is the best we can be when we are fully present, focused yet relaxed, curious yet non-judgmental, committed yet flexible."    John Kuypers

Monday, February 11, 2013

Thank You for Your Support in 2012

I wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone who has supported and assisted me in my career path. This past year was a huge turning point in my art career.  I won a few awards, I was accepted into galleries, and a number of my images became part of important collections.   However, as you all know and as I have blogged previously, most of our successes do not come without the help of others.
Many people have taken time and interest to support me in many different ways. I would like to thank the following people specifically:  John Williams for countless hours on creative assistance;  Allie Mysliwy who has guided me in brilliant mentorship);  Ken Maxwell for creating significant branding;  Shantel Davis for perfect hair and makeup;  David Radcliffe for incredible set and prop design;  and Mann’s Framing for superior artisanship.  In addition I want to thank my good friend Roger Martin, as well as my mother Audray and brother Adam who are always there for me whenever I need advice.
I also want to thank the local community for having my art put in your homes and businesses and thus allowing me to continue to work as an artist.  I love being creative, exhibiting my progressive ideologies, and most of all, sharing and discussing my work others.  I feel that sharing my art connects me to people, and as I have expressed frequently , connecting with people is fulfilling and adds meaning to my life.
 Again I appreciate all of you and your contributions to my career as an artist.

Warm regards,